Coupe des 3 sommets - Winter participant's guide

11 February

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You will find all the details concerning the course and your registration for La Coupe des 3 Sommets.

The courses

Uphill skiing or snowshoeing (or crampons)

The winter edition offers you 2 courses to do either uphill skiing or snowshoeing (crampons). The Coupe Giroux (3.5 km) offers a great introduction to winter running with a short but steady course. The Coupe des 3 Sommets (12 km) will satisfy the most adventurous who wish to climb the 3 summits!

Specific course details

  • Parcours sur carte HIVER giroux

    Giroux Cup

    Distance : 4,2 KM
    Elevation : 360 m

  • Parcours sur carte HIVER 3sommets

    3 Summits cup

    Distance : 12KM
    Elevation : 985 m


Registrations and prices

Schedule and Procedure

Awards and Results

Post-race menu and Refreshments

Offered by La Memphré Microbrewery

Terms and conditions

Compulsory, recommended and prohibited equipment

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