Safety and rules

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Like all ski resorts in Quebec, we work jointly with theThe Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ) to establish safety rules in our resort. These rules are determined in collaboration with the ASSQ, but may differ from another ski resort depending on what we consider safe for skiers and mountain staff.

We thank you in advance for your collaboration!

Mountain Code of Conduct

The Mountain Code of Conduct sets guidelines for happy harmony between all ski area users, and helps reduce the risk of injury. It also applies to snowparks. The term ‟ski” includes any activity connected to a ski area (snowboarding, telemark skiing, etc.)

For everyone’s safety, including yours, skiers must be respectful towards others and obey the Mountain Code of Conduct, as well as any other ski area rules, regulations and sanctions in effect. Patrollers may intervene and confiscate a lift ticket should the Mountain Code of Conduct not be respected.

The Golden Rule: Control!

Keep your speed in check, and always control your direction. Make sure you can stop and avoid any person or obstacle at all times.

Yield to Anyone Downhill of You!

Yield to persons downhill, and choose a course that ensures their safety.

Free Up the Trail!

Only stop if you can be seen from above, and never obstruct the trail.

At Intersections, Yield to Persons Uphill!

Yield to skiers and riders uphill of you when entering a trail, or at intersections.

Help The Ski Patrol!

If you’re involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to a first-aider.

No To Runaway Gear!

Always use and wear the appropriate device to prevent runaway equipment.

No Drugs, No Alcohol!

Do not use the lifts or trails when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Obey the Signs!

Obey all signs and warnings, and never venture off the trail or onto a closed trail.

Be Careful On The Lifts!

Ask the lift attendant for help if you’re not familiar with how it operates. Obey all signs posted on lift towers.

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Ski patrol or 911?


The Mont-Orford Ski Patrol's first priority is accident prevention and they are trained to provide first aid, assistance and rescue services to our customers.

When the station is in operation, you can join the Mont-Orford patrol at 819-843-6548 ext. 8448 or even join them on site at their premises near the Ski Vélo Vincent Renaud store at the foot of the hybrid lift.

Outside the station's opening hours, dial 911 for assistance. Plan a delay and note that the cellular signal does not enter everywhere on the mountain.

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A little history...

In 1955, Arlene Buzzell Whittier founded the Mont-Orford Ski Patrol with one goal in mind: come to the aid and rescue of skiers, directly on the ski trails. Then, throughout the following years, the ski patrol became more and more important, and today it can count over 70 volunteers and 9 full-time members patrolling the mountain. Together, they share a passion for snow sports and are dedicated to providing quality services to prevent accidents and promote safety. Our well-trained ski patrollers come from diverse work backgrounds, and some can count over 30 years of experience on our trails.

Equipment and authorized sports

Sports outside of the station's opening hours