Beginner Zone

Yankaczynski 85 LR
Yankaczynski 85 LR

Take your first ride in the safety and comfort of Mont-Orford’s Beginner Zone.

Whether you want to ski or snowboard, our gentle slopes offer the perfect terrain to try out those first stops and turns, and begin discovering the finer points of body position and speed. Ride to the top on our magic carpets that deliver an ultra-smooth ride that’s easy to get on and off.
Beginner Zones day pass is only $5 + taxes for toddlers or $10 + taxes!


Beginner Zone at the base of Mont-Giroux

Since winter 2020, the school slope has been given a makeover! In addition to adding a second magic carpet for a total of two, these are covered with a transparent dome. Ideal for warming hands between your rides and protecting skiers from bad weather. Your experience will certainly be improved!

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For winter 2022, another novelty awaits beginners! We enlarged the school slope to make two distinct sections, separated by our two magic carpets.

On the one hand, we find a gently sloping slope for learning and on the other side, modulated sections to push learning further! And we never forget the pleasure while learning!

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For those with little ones, keep an eye out for our two mascots who often visit our Beginner Zones. Fred the Snowman and Raffale the Penguin love to come and encourage our younger skiers!