Tips from the locals

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MT OFD 180824 1121 copy web

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Before your getaway to Mont-Orford, take a moment to dive into the must-sees suggested by the locals!

Well-kept secrets not to be missed that will certainly make you want to explore every corner of our much-loved mountain

Discover the mountain otherwise

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    The Elevation trail

    Discover this brand new course which takes place in the 4 km trail: four arches with various themes will make you play, laugh and move during your hike.

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    The Five Lookouts

    The five Mont-Orford lookouts are located at an altitude of 850 m (2,800 ft.) for the most beautiful, ever-changing panorama of the Memphrémagog region

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    A Perfect Family Hike

    Bring your children, your siblings, backpack and anything else you need to embark on an adventure on our various skiing trails. No need to be an expert, the mountain’s got a trail for everyone.

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    A High-Level Hike

    Mont Orford’s particular topography and different grades of difficulty offer a challenge for experts, athletes and all the adventurous mountain climbers.

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    Leave No Trace while hiking

    For the love of our mountain, here is some tips based on 3 of the 7 Leave No Trace principles so your next hike will be more nature-friendly!

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    Trail running at Mont-Orford

    Before hitting the trails that will take you to the summits, we share some pro tips on trail running while dissecting the course of the Coupe des 3 Sommets!

Discover the golf club otherwise

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    Learn to golf - pro tips

    If learning golf can seem intimidating, you just need to know a few basic notions, surround yourself well and you're done! Discover this universe that combines strategy, precision, outdoors and fun with friends with the valuable advice of Vincent, our pro and director of the Mont-Orford golf club.

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    The Golf Course in Details

    The panoramic views and the typical challenges of a mountain golf course will put your concentration skills to the test. Discover, hole by hole, our golf course!

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    The Panoramic Terrace

    Before or after a golf round, for a drink or eat a bite, or only to admire the view: sit down at the most beautiful terrace in town!

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    A Stunning Golf Course

    It’s not a secret, the scenery at Mont-Orford is legendary. The stunning views can be admired from far, but the golfers truly get a front-row seat to the panoramic landscape.