Our favorite touring trails


With now 11 wooded touring paths and 11 trails accessible to uphill skiing, Mont-Orford has one of the largest networks in the region for practicing this sport!

Because we are big fans of each of our trails and our team devours them from morning to night, we share with you the favorites of some of our colleagues. To consume without moderation. Happy climbing!

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Noah's choice

The Renard and the Tracé du Lynx

The Renard path offers a view and a panorama that cannot be seen anywhere else on the mountain. We could easily forget that we are on a ski resort: we hear neither the road nor the other skiers, just the noise of nature and the discussions between friends. With its orientation to the east of the mountain, it is practically exposed to the sun all day, which makes the climbs even more pleasant.

And we end this ascent with the Tracé du Lynx which finally allows you to reach the Giroux summit. This slightly more complex section brings an additional challenge, but above all, a very beautiful view of Magog and Lake Memphremagog.

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Jonathan's choice

The Hermine and the Mille-pattes

This hike begins with the Hermine which will offer you a gradual start to the ascent, perfect for warming up your legs! Arrived in the Mille-pattes, you will be entitled to several technical challenges, a challenge that the experts will like very much. With also a very natural landscape, some rock walls and very dense vegetation, it is a very appreciated environment.

The particularity of this trail is that it ends not at the top of the mountain, but in the Grande Coulée trail. The best advice we give you would be to try to coordinate with the sun. The sunset in the Grande Coulée is always magnificent and it is very pleasant to finish your ascent accompanied by the last light of the day.

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Joanie's choice

The Campagnol

The Campagnol is really an exceptional track, among other things because of its location: on the back of Mont-Orford, a view that is not seen anywhere else in our tracks and trails. We advise you again to coordinate with the sunset, because they are quite incredible to watch from this location: it is a change of scenery!

Be careful though, this trail is reserved for experts. It is quite difficult and has several steep sections. Also plan a lot of time ahead of you, since to get to La Campagnol, you must complete at least 2 other trails.

Amenities you'll enjoy

For two seasons now, shelters have been available at each of the summits of the mountain. We can therefore enjoy the shelters to change our equipment and prepare for the descent! With sometimes varied temperatures at the top, these are a delight for enthusiasts.

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    Alfred-Desrocher shelter

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    Orford shelter

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    Giroux shelter