The top 5 best reasons to work at Mont-Orford

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When we tell our friends and family that we work at Mont-Orford, the reaction is always the same : “wow, how lucky are you to work in such a magnificent environment”. And admittedly they are right!

We benefit from working at the mountain all year round, whether it is to ski down it, to climb up it with our hiking boots or simply to admire it during our breaks… even as we work!

There are many reasons to work at Mont-Orford. Whether seasonally, part time or full time, our 400 employees each find something to inspire them.

Below are the top 5 of these reasons that may inspire you to join our team!

1 - Outdoors and a unique natural environment

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As you can imagine our offices are at the foot of the slopes and for some on the slopes themselves! For those of us who work here it allows us to clear our minds, to enjoy the natural beauty and to practice our favorite sports all year round.

“ What I like most about working at Orford is sharing my passion for snowboarding and spending my time outdoors doing my favorite sport. And the bonus is working with a great gang of ski enthusiasts who quickly become close friends! ” - Florence (Snow school).

Skiing at lunch time or alpine hiking at the end of the day, means the necessity for comfortable clothing at all times! “ A sporty dress code at the office is always a little bonus! And it is rewarding to practice our favorite sports on a daily basis which allows us to get better at them.” - Jonathan (accounting).

Of course we can’t forget our golf club which also gives us another eyeful of natural beauty and a lot of swing! “The Monday night employee league is really nice. It allows us to meet lots of colleagues from other departments, practice our technique and get advice from players of varied caliber! ‘’ - Stéphanie (accounting).

2 - A festive spirit

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Whether it's during our famous start and end of season parties or at our traditional 4-to-6 on Thursdays, there is a festive spirit that is shared at Mont-Orford.

And it goes without saying it is great fun having a pub right in your workplace. It makes the 4-to-6 even easier to organize! As Florence would say at the Snow School, “it’s not uncommon for us to end our days around a plate of nachos at our cherished Slalom Pub! ''

3 - A real little family

For Claudia, Gabrielle, Joanie and Kassy, ​​being a tight knit team makes a real difference. We remind each other often just how much fun it is to work at the mountain where we can develop friendships and create synergy between people!

“ Working at the mountain is a family affair! First of all, we feel at home in this team. There is a recognition of the human above all in the organization, which allows for a balance between work and personal life. ” - Melanie (admin)

Our departments are numerous and we meet people from all walks of life, from young to retired, which makes our daily life very rewarding. “I'm lucky to work with unique, positive and funny colleagues, but especially with my daughter, it's priceless! - Annie (events)

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4 - Side by side with customers

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To work in the tourist industry, is to rub shoulders with customers on a daily basis. The great thing for us is that we work with people who are happy to be at the mountain or on vacation. This fun vibe makes our days even more pleasant.

“There is a very social aspect to our customer relations and we love working with them throughout our day, especially since over time we get to know them well! ” - François (external operations).

5 - Knowledge that is shared

Who can brag about taking a ride on a snow groomer at sunset, having a barista lesson on latte art or helping to organize a golf tournament, all in their workplace?

As we work alongside many diverse departments, knowledge is shared and our work becomes even more enriching.

“We are like a lot of small companies in one big company. For example, I was able to take my ski lift first aid training twice with the patrol team, while working in marketing. It's so much fun! “ - Valerie (marketing).

“Starting as a ski instructor as a student I never thought I could make a career out of it. But at Orford there is a diversity of jobs and opportunities for growth that allows everyone to find their place in this ecosystem. ” - Joanie (Snow school).

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So does this sound like a place you would like to work at?

Having the chance to work in an environment where people come to have fun is really cool. Discover our available positions and apply now!