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Top view sous bois
Top view sous bois

Are you looking for a challenge at Mont-Orford?

Follow Sam and his gang of friends and you'll quickly find the most perilous places... Experienced skiers only!

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Le côté expert du Mont-Orford

For Samuel, Orford is synonymous with friends, stormy days, steep pitches and glades.

Signature slopes like the Top of the Super that you can descend in the deep powder while giggling with your gang of friends creates sensations that you don't find elsewhere.

You can say what you want, for me Mont-Orford is the most beautiful mountain in the world.

With steep drops, the ever present natural vibe, glades that are both narrow and technical, believe Sam when he tells you that there are quite a few challenges for expert skiers at Mont-Orford! Hang on to his skis and it's guaranteed that you'll find what you're looking for.

“To really love Orford, you have to hang with the locals who will show you the way!”

And who says expert on the slopes, also says expert in après-ski!

No matter what time you arrive at the mountain you’re bound to meet your friends, whether directly at the foot of the lift or between two glades on Giroux East. And if in doubt, head to the Slalom Pub, it's sure to be where you'll find them telling each other the stories of their spectacular feats of the day, again and again.

For Sam, there are several habits that have been created over time on the mountain. Whether it's during stormy days, knowing exactly where to get the best snow or simply going down Trois-Ruisseaux and its famous slope side jumps.

It's these little traditions that make Sam and his gang really feel at home in Mont-Orford.

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Jump trois ruisseaux

Do you know Trois-Ruisseaux?

Located on the Orford hillside, the Trois-Ruisseaux is one of the longest trails in the resort. Its 6,889 feet in length makes it one of the most popular slopes.

But what makes us love it so much? Without a doubt it’s the variety of terrain: several steep pitches that offer a challenge, small jumps on the edge of the slope that thrill even the older skiers and the wide sections that allow you to perfect your carving. But if you ask Sam, above all, it's the ideal slope to go down with a gang!

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