A Perfect Family Hike at Mont-Orford

Mt Ofd 180824 0700 Copy
Mt Ofd 180824 0700 Copy

Whether it’s winter or summer, Mont-Orford goes all out to make sure you get the best possible family experience on the mountain. Bring your children, your siblings, backpack and anything else you need to embark on an adventure on our various skiing trails. No need to be an expert, the mountain’s got a trail for everyone. Here are two for you to discover.


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Technical informations

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  • Ascent: 1 hr. to 1 hr. 45 min. with children
  • Descent: 30 to 45 min. with children
  • Difficulty level: Medium
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The 4 KM trail is the most family-friendly trail and offers a majestic view of the entire Memphrémagog region. Take the gravel path from the chalet and follow the signs for the 4 KM to get to Mont Orford’s highest point. You’ll walk on a wide gravel path with no obstacles, perfect for a family hike. You’ll discover a winding path with a steady climb paired with some more demanding sections, while remaining accessible to young hikers.

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Once at the top, the 360° panoramic view of Mont-Orford’s five lookouts offers a little piece of paradise including the must-see Circuit Altitude where you can reach out and touch the sky. This unique circuit is a raised wooden walkway on different levels that is firmly anchored to rock and leads to a rocky cliff where it feels like you’re suspended in air.

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Its T-shaped configuration offers a breathtaking view of the entire region. On clear days, you can even see some famous Vermont mountains in the distance. Most of the lookouts offer picnic tables for hikers to take a well-deserved break and enjoy the scenery before heading back down.

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Lets keep going!

Once you feel properly recharged, it’s time to head back down the way you came. Take a deep breath and keep your eyes open, the view on the way down is an incredible sight to see. About 10 minutes before your arrival, you’ll come across a small stream running along the trail. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy one last break with the kids to admire the natural surroundings and end your hike on a high note.

The top of Mont Giroux with the kids : priceless.

Whether you’re traveling with young novice hikers, or you’re just in a bit of a hurry, the summit of Mont Giroux is the perfect and accessible option for every family.

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Technical information

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  • Ascent : 30 to 50 min. with children
  • Descent : 15 to 20 min. with children
  • Difficulty level: Easy
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Ready, set, go! Take the gravel path from the chalet and follow the signs indicating the start of the 4 KM trail. Once you begin, the trail is nice and wide for kids to run around as much as they like. Head towards the top of Mont Orford and in less than 1 km (0.6 mi.), you’ll come across a fork in the trail. Take the trail on the left and it will lead you straight to the top of Mont Giroux.

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The trail that leads to the top is an easier one that will still give all hikers their fill of nature. Once you reach the top of the mountain, the whole family will be rewarded with a stunning panoramic 360° view stretching over the majestic landscape that surrounds it. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce children to geography by pointing out the Appalachian Mountains, Lake Memphrémagog and the City of Magog. Why not take this opportunity to enjoy a picnic or a well-deserved break after a successful family hike?