Ski Patrol

Mar 7705
Mar 7705

First, a little history...

In 1955, Arlene Buzzell Whittier founded the Mont-Orford Ski Patrol with one goal in mind: come to the aid and rescue of skiers, directly on the ski trails. Then, throughout the following years, the ski patrol became more and more important, and today it can count over 70 volunteers and 9 full-time members patrolling the mountain. Together, they share a passion for snow sports and are dedicated to providing quality services to prevent accidents and promote safety. Our well-trained ski patrollers come from diverse work backgrounds, and some can count over 30 years of experience on our trails.

  1. Mar 7705

Safety is our priority

The Mont-Orford Ski Patrol's first priority is accident prevention and they are trained to provide first aid, assistance and rescue services to our customers.
You can find the Ski Patrol station between the Snow School and the Vincent Reneault shop. The station is equipped with an infirmary as well as other facilities to provide quality first-aid services, regardless of the type of injury.

Contact us : 819 843-6548, ext. 8448

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