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Fan of uphill skiing? Purchase a season pass and enjoy everything the mountain has to offer.

Attention !

Some sections of the uphill skiing trails are located in the Mont-Orford National Park. If you wish to access these trails, you must also pay Sépaq access fees or purchase an annual Sépaq access card. For more information on these particular trails, refer to the Uphill Skiing map.



  • Unlimited season pass holders: get the Uphill Skiing pass for free. Sépaq fees are extra.
  • Mont Giroux and 5-Day Week pass holders: get 50% off.

You must pick up your Uphill Skiing pass at the customer service counter

Terms and Conditions

You must leave the ski station by 10:00 P.M.

Groomers operate every night from 9 P.M. and require the use of a winch, which poses a danger to skiers/snowboarders who come into contact with the steel cables. The cables are difficult to see and are used EVERYWHERE across the mountain and can be up to 1000 meters long.

Last ascent at 9:00 p.m., you must leave the resort at 10:00 p.m.

The uphill skier's pledge

Before heading out on the trails, I pledge to honour these 10 Golden Rules!

  1. I will have my pass with me at all times on the trails.
  2. My last climb will begin no later than 9pm, and by 10pm, I will be leaving in my car.
  3. As a group, like scouts, in single file we will climb.
  4. At the edge of the ski run, throughout my ascent, I will stay.
  5. My headlamp after 4 pm I will wear, with white visible on the front, and red towards the rear. The maintenance crews I will always respect. When they arrive, I will stop and let them pass.
  6. The Mont-Orford website I will always check, for the latest information on closed trails for snowmaking, grooming and maintenance work.
  7. Expert or not, in no black run will I ever venture.
  8. Up is the only direction I will go on uphill trails - on skis, never with crampons or snowshoes.
  9. Though my best friend he may be, my dog will never come with me.

Safety rules and regulations

  • You must respect the Mont-Orford schedule and pre-determined ascent and descent zones at all times.
  • You must leave the ski station by 10:00 PM.
  • Always check and respect the opening status of the uphill skiing slopes and trails, before departing on a hike.
  • Pre-season or post-season climbs are forbidden due to the potential hazards of snowmaking, grooming and maintenance operations.
  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to descend on ascent trails as well as closed or non-designated trails at all times.
  • If you encounter a snow vehicle (snow plough, snowmobile) please wait by the edge of the trail for it to pass.
  • If you are on the trails outside operating hours, please only take the designated descent trail.
  • Always stay visible and climb in single file, never in rows of two or more.
  • If you are on the trails after 4 PM, please always stay visible. You must be equipped with a white front light and a red rear light.
  • Please always use skis or uphill climbing boards with metal edges, brakes and restraint straps.
  • The use of crampons or snowshoes is FORBIDDEN at all times in the UPHILLS SKIING PATHS. They are only allowed in the winter hiking trails and inside the national park in certain designated areas.
  • No emergency services are available outside operating hours. Dial 911 in case of emergency. For more information on emergency services, visit the Emergency section.
  • Mont-Orford reserves the right to charge a minimum fee of $250 for all assistance requests made outside operating hours or outside marked and designated trails. A delay may be expected for any rescue following a report.
  • Do not leave behind any waste or trash on the trails and slopes. Be eco-responsible!
  • No animals permitted on the slopes or trails.
  • Respect the Mountain Code of Conduct at all times.

In case of emergency

The ascent trails are NOT PATROLLED. Rescue upon signaling only and be prepared to expect a delay.


For all assistance services, please refer to a patroller, a guide ambassador or a lift operator. You can also head to one of the many patrol service points located on each summit as well as at the main station base.

It is also possible to reach the station’s patrol services by dialing 819 843-6548, ext. 8448.



DIAL 911.

You are responsible for your own safety.


Advice before heading out

Mountain Code of Conduct