Eat and Drink

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Having lunch at the foot of the mountain with our new picnic formula, here's a good idea!

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New picnic formula

Reserve yours!

For summer 2021, Mont-Orford is pleased to offer its visitors it's new picnic formula! Order your picnic basket in advance and enjoy it at the foot of the mountain or take it with you on your hike. Get a magnificent view every time!

That's not all, our outdoor bar is also in operation to enhance your visit with us!


Offer available starting June 24th!

Available from Friday to Sunday (and on Holidays), from 10:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Our picnic basket

Our baskets are mainly made from local products! We have options for small appetites (for children) and for big appetites (for adults). Everything is put back in a paper bag as well as in compostable containers. Easy to transport and eco-responsible!

Adult menu

Child menu

Local box to share





Reserve and pick up your basket

Terms and Conditions

Ensemble, prenons soin de notre environnement

Whether it is during or after your picnic in the mountain - and of course at all times - always take care to sort your waste in our sorting islands: waste with waste, recycling with recycling!

Our mountain and our planet will be very grateful to you.